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de Courten Solutions Law Firm is ideally located in the heart of Geneva and is entirely dedicated to amicable conflict resolution.

de Courten Solutions considers that each client is unique and offers dedicated personalized service. It believes that communication and discussion is key and believe that timing is key to help its clients catch the exact right moment to mediate or resolve its conflict at an early stage.

Due to its small size, de Courten Solutions effectively supports its clients in a personalized, tailor-made way. When needed, it cooperates with a large network of colleagues located in Lausanne, Valais, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and New York. de Courten Solutions also collaborates with other law firms as well as with mediators and trusted persons.
de Courten Solutions provides a first-class service to its clients both in emergencies to solve crisis situations and on a long-term basis to improve problematic situations.
de Courten Solutions assists its clients in Switzerland, in person or remotely (by video conference if necessary), in English, French and Hebrew.

“Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways”.

Dalaï Lama

Frédérique de Courten

Adv. Frédérique de Courten, Swiss attorney-at-law, holds a doctorate from Lausanne University and is a certified SBA mediator. This title guarantees a level of competence and is updated on a permanent basis.

My career


  • 2022 Mediator Certification (SBA)
  • 2010 Bar Admission, Geneva
  • 2006 Bar Admission, Tel Aviv
  • 2005 PHD magna cum laude Lausanne University
  • 2002-2004 Visting research fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • 2000 Lic. Iur. Lausanne University


  • 2022 Founder, de Courten Solutions
  • 2022 SBA Mediator accreditation
  • 2021 CAS Mediation, Geneva University
  • 2012-2020 Associate General Counsel at J.P. (Morgan) Suisse SA
  • 2010-2011 Associate at Fontanet
  • 2008-2010 Trainee at Lenz & Staehelin
  • 2006-2008 Associate at BGA, Israel
  • 2005-2006 Trainee at HFN, Israel


Mother of 3, attorney-at-law, PhD holder, certified accredited SBA mediator, entrepreneur, researcher and author of scientific legal publications, Frédérique founded de Courten Solutions in 2022 to help companies implement a “culture of mediation” aiming at improving healthcare at work.

Frédérique has worked with global organizations such as J.P. Morgan as well as academic bodies such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Lausanne University.

Frédérique worked in the corporate world, holding high-level legal positions. Frédérique is a dispute resolution expert. She is specialized in assisting companies to resolve international and domestic disputes related to complex matters, often with multicultural and multi-language components.

Frédérique has a very unique expertise and helps her clients to find tailor made solutions in line with regulatory requirements, their values and priorities. Through deep assessment and evaluation, Frédérique helps her clients to evaluate and improve significantly their ways of dealing with FEELLOST situations. With twenty years of experience in the legal world, including expertise in top leading firm and companies worldwide, Frédérique understands the highly complex challenges facing multicultural companies in challenging regulatory environment.
Frédérique helps her clients coope with complicated issues and aims to solve conflicts through communication, listening, negotiation and mediation.


Geneva Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association.


de Courten F., Le refus d’extrader in personam, thèse de doctorat, Bis et Ter, Lausanne 2006. 

Moreillon L., de Courten F., Monnier G., Geller B., Dupuis M., Entraide internationale en matière pénale, commentaire, Helbing & Lichtenhahn, Bâle, 2004. 

Moreillon L., de Courten F., La lutte contre le terrorisme et les droits du suspect: le principe de sécurité à l’épreuve des droits fondamentaux. Revue pénale suisse 121, pp. 117-140, 2003. 

Moreillon L., de Courten F., La Responsabilité pénale du Cyber-Provider (fournisseur), Revue 8/2002, 10. 

“La paix est la seule bataille qui vaille la peine d'être menée”.

Albert Camus

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Our legal assistance includes the following:

  • mediation
  • amicable conflict management
  • negotiating
  • business advice
  • general advice
  • trusted person
  • labour law
  • workplace
  • conflictspsychosocial risks
  • banking environment
    international companies
  • employer-employee relations
  • implementation of conflict prevention measures
  • school affairs
  • medical affairs
  • religious affairs
  • private affairs
  • crisis situations
  • training
  • conferences and workshop
  • risk diagnosis