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de Courten Solution provides its highly demanding clients with first class personalized tailor-made services and assists them in the resolution of complex and conflicting situations.

de Courten Solutions provides full legal services to banks, companies, medical institutions, insurance companies, schools and religious institutions. It provides immediate assistance and will review your policies, standards, internal guidelines, personal handbooks etc.

de Courten Solutions aims to help its clients solve their conflicts by an approach consisting of restoring discussions and assisting them to find their own unique solutions to each situation.

de Courten Solutions accompanies both individuals (in particular senior management, managers, directors but also private persons, parents, etc.) and companies taking into account their very specific needs.
de Courten Solutions offers top personalized services to its clients based on highest standards of ethics and values such as listening, trust, dialogue and communication by adapting with great diligence to its clients’ needs and requests.
de Courten Solutions approaches crisis situations with a unique vision that amicable conflict resolution is a necessary FEEL GOOD approach. It encourages its clients to implement this innovative philosophy within their day-to-day lives or company culture to solve their conflicts without court proceedings.


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Steps in a mediation process

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Before applying for mediation

Raise your concern directly with the other party. If you feel unconfortable, you may apply immediately.


Applying for mediation

You can request mediation online or by phone and request an initial one-on-one interview.


Preparing for mediation

Our brochure explains the golden rules of the process (confidentiality, stop rule, etc.) in order to immerse you in it and put all the chances of success on your side to find YOUR solution.


The failure or success of the mediation process

We are at your disposal to explain the end of the mediation process and the possible steps depending on the results obtained.

We will assist you in resolving any conflict

Benefit from our unique expertise to help you evaluate a tailor-made solution according to legal requirements and your values and priorities.

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