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de Courten Solutions’ philosophy is to assist its clients in finding their own tailor-made solutions to their conflict according to their very specific needs and circumstances.

Our mission

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de Courten Solutions fully covers all aspects of alternative conflict management and provides you with all possible tools to facilitate an amicable agreement to achieve YOUR solution.

de Courten Solutions assists you to introduce a true innovative culture of mediation in company or between individuals.

de Courten Solutions is convinced that timing is essential and helps you to engage at the key moment to avoid complicated situations from snowballing.

de Courten Solutions promotes the restoration of human relationships, dialogue and common solutions.

de Courten Solutions is passionate about supporting people towards tailor-made solutions, adapted to their personal situation and taking into account all circumstances and works towards this goal.

de Courten Solutions believes that its clients hold the keys to THEIR solutions and can lead them down the path of amicable conflict resolution.

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de Courten Solutions provides its services in English, French and Hebrew.


The question of the legal fees is fully addressed in a transparent manner during the first meeting. They depend on various criteria such as the litigious value, the complexity of the case, the process chosen, the importance of the case, the responsibility assumed, the situation of the client, etc (article 34 of the Geneva law on the legal profession).